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Gunther Verheyen
Independent Scrum Caretaker
Join us for an upcoming episode featuring Gunther Verheyen, a world-leading Scrum Coach with decades of experience in the field. Gunther has collaborated closely with Ken Schwaber, the co-creator of Scrum, and is the author of two best-selling books: "Scrum - A Pocket Guide" and "97 Things every Scrum practitioner should know". In this episode, Gunther gives his perspective on Scrum, where it’s at currently and where it needs to go to remain relevant.
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Ralph van Roosmalen
Innovative Agile Enabler
Having embarked on his IT career in 1997, Ralph has assumed various roles throughout the years, including developer, tester, Scrum Master, Agile coach, lead, manager, and VP. However, his true passion lies in collaborating with individuals to improve processes and work environments. Ralph’s dedication to sharing his insights and experiences is evident through his contributions to conferences and blogs. Notably, he co-authored a book with Jurgen Appelo titled "Doing It - Management 3.0 Experiences," becoming the first author alongside Appelo to publish a book on the subject.
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Ton Hagens
Digital Transformation Expert | Coach | Leader
Ton Hagens is a thought leader and expert in team dynamics and performance within organizations. His expertise lies in helping organizations create a conducive atmosphere for high-performance teams to thrive, delivering outstanding results and fostering a sense of ownership. His insights promote a shift in energy towards supporting teams through coaching and facilitating their success rather than engaging in unnecessary debates about specific agile methodologies.
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